Wig styles for every face shape

Wig styles for every face shape

Before selecting the right wig styles for you, it is first important to know your face shape and see what kind of wig style that compliments the shape of your face and what’s flattering and what’s not.

Wig styles for every face shape

Faces types

First is determine what the shape of your face is, look in the mirror and hold your hair back so you can see the shape from your forehead to your chin. If your face is shape is:



Diamond shape a narrow chin and forehead but wider cheekbones, if your face shape is diamond, you have a lot of hairstyle options, but it is recommended to have a wig style may add fullness or width in the forehead and the lower cheek bones of the face near the chin, choose a hairstyle that is closer to the face, at the upper cheekbone, style with layered fringe helps disguise a narrower forehead. Styles like a bob, or shoulder length cut with layers give illusion of a more oval-shaped face.



If you got a large and wider forehead, high cheek bones, with widow’s peak hairline or now, and a narrow v-shaped chin, then you got a heart-shaped face. The suggested hair style would be a style that would allow to put some hair across, have a hair style closer to the head, near the eyes and fuller around the jaw. A bob that is chin-length is great for this face shape, making the jaw area looks wider and balanced. Longer and layered styles are also good.



Elongated, rectangular, with a long straight cheek line is an Oblong face shape. And for this, choose a hairstyle that would add width and diminish the vertical length of your face, short and medium in length hair style will be great, go for a wedge and graduated bob cuts are much preferred, also hairstyle that is chin and shoulder length that turn under or flutter is good, to add width. Bangs, feathered bangs, half bangs with side parts will soften the forehead is suitable. Also choose layered styles in medium and longer lengths with wavy and curly textures that can flatter the face and neck.



If you got an oval then you won’t have a hard time choosing a wig appropriate for you, an oval shaped face is well proportioned, no area is more dominant than the other, and that allows it to be versatile. Most styles whether it’s long or short, straight or wavy are suitable.



This face shop has a distinctly narrow forehead, cheekbones and jawline are broad and features a wider look. For this kind of face shape, it is recommended to choose a hairstyle that will add volume and width above the jawline, if you have bangs, angle them slightly and tuck them behind ears, this will draw attention upward.



Round chin and hairline, with a wide part through the cheekbones, you have a round shaped face. Styles with fullness and height at the crown is recommended, but not at the ears. Off center parts will help reduce the roundness of the face, choose wig styles with a swept-back direction, or that are longer than chin length, layered at the top for fullness are to be considered.



Square face shape has a strong jawline structure and an equally square hairline, choose wig styles that heightens to the top and narrows to the sides. Short to medium hair lengths with waves or roundness, and wispy bangs may soften the angular shape of the face. Styles with off-center parts with height at the crown will look amazing on your face shape.

At Paula’s wigs, we have wig styles for every face shape. Use this guide to find the perfect wig for your face shape.

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Wig styles for every face shape